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L2-Network Monitoring - Situational Awareness

This is the official forum for the discussion of the L2-Network Monitoring - Situational Awareness package.

The installation/update package is available from the ArcSight Marketplace. All new and updated Activate Framework packages is available on the ArcSight Marketplace (


The documentation is available at

Prentice S. Hayes
Product Management, Cybersecurity - ArcSight

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  • Hey,

    Apologies for the delayed response. I just installed the L1-Network Monitoring and L2-Network Monitoring packages, as well as the L1-Perimeter Monitoring and L2-Perimeter Monitoring packages. For /All Rules/Real-time Rules/ArcSight Activate/Solutions/Network Monitoring/Situational Awareness/Web Proxy Identified Exploit Traffic, the conditions should look like this:WebProxyIdentifiedExploitTrafficConditions.png

     I know this sounds lame, but I cannot reproduce the problem you've stated. The list is at /All Active Lists/ArcSight Activate/Solutions/Network Monitoring/Situational Awareness/Proxy Identified Exploit Kit Queries.

    Hope this helps,







    Prentice S. Hayes
    Product Management, Cybersecurity - ArcSight

  • Hi Prentice

    I just did a clean install of the L2-Network_Monitoring_-_Situational_Awareness_0.1.0.0 package, this was not an upgrde. I got the same problem where theres a reference to the Proxy Identified Exploit Kit Queries Active List under /Perimeter and Network Monitoring/Situational Awareness which dosnt exist in my enviroment.


    It doesnt look like the Active List is included in the package also..



  • Same issue here as , no Active List or Filter.Rule Error 2.pngRule Error1.png

  • Also, don't know if this is related but I noticed two issues with the install. With the second screenshot, I don't see that Package in the Console. Unfortunately, no time to research right now.

    L2 Install Error 1.pngL2 Install Error 2.png