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L1-Network Monitoring - Indicators and Warnings

This is the official forum for the discussion of the L1-Network Monitoring - Indicators and Warnings package.


The installation/update package will be available from the ArcSight Marketplace. All new and updated Activate Framework packages will be made available on the ArcSight Marketplace (


The documentation is available at

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  • The Linux installer fails on Step 5 when it exports the customizations package. The line:

    $CONSDIR/bin/arcsight package -q -action export -package "$customizationsPackage" -f "$customBundle" -m $manager -port $port -u $user -p "$pwvar"

    should be:

    $CONSDIR/bin/arcsight package -q -action export -package "$customizationsPackage" -f "$customBundlePackage" -m $manager -port $port -u $user -p "$pwvar"
    checkError "Step 5: Export $customizationsPackage to $customBundlePackage"