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How do I get a replay file on my test connector?

I have set up a test connector on my connector appliance and a matching receiver on my logger. I have also exported some events from ESM to a csv file. I now want to turn that csv file into a replay file and have the test connector use it to send test events to my logger. How can I accomplish this?



  • There's a tool inside arcsight to do this.

    Please look at the attachment steps:

    3. Copy the CSV file to the database server and run the following command from the ArcSight bin directory (this path for Linux is usually /usr/local/arcsight/db/bin):

    ./arcsight csvconvert –S <full path with CSV filename> -D <event replay filename>

    4. You’ll find the replay file in your replayagent directory when the conversion is complete. (ie: /usr/local/arcsight/db/replayagent)

    Here is a disccusion about it:

    There are also other discussions about it on protect247

    i also added some .events files that you can use to simulate an attack