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Activate Export now available on marketplace!

If you want offline access to the current content in the wiki go over to the marketplace to download it!


Install instructions (this is assuming you already have foswiki installed):

  1. Download the tarball from marketplace
    • If you want to keep the old version of the wiki then rename the ArcSightActivate directories within /var/lib/foswiki or move them
  2. Untar to /var/lib/foswiki: tar -zxvf activate_wiki_2.0.0.0.tar.gz -C /var/lib/foswiki
  3. cd /var/lib/foswiki
  4. Check that the ArcSightActivate directories exist under data and pub
  5. Done!

* When first running the wiki on a fresh install of foswiki things might look a little weird. Make sure you head over to the configuration page (/foswiki/bin/configure) in the browser then install and enable the Tree and TreeBrowser plugins

* If things still look weird, make sure the jQuery extension is installed properly - if it's installed then downgrade to a lower version