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Configure ESM SMTP


I need to configure esm for sending email using kaspersky gateway but Its not working.

I use internal and external smtp server but not working.

Some one can help me on this?

Best Regards 

  • Could you please open a Support ticket for this?  There may be some settings that we can add in to get this working for you. You can also test this from the command line with the following:

    /opt/arcsight/manager/bin/arcsight emailsetuptest -s <SMTP_SERVER> -u <USERNAME> -p <PASSWORD> -to <TO_ADDRESS> -protocol <PROTOCOL> -servertype 2

  • Hi Dale,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    indeed my support has expired.
    I use the Kaspersky gateway, with this gateway the username and password are not required, is it possible to configure emails without authentication?
  • Suggested Answer

    I could have sworn the answer to this was yes, but according to the documentation, no.

    Fields Definition
    The e-mail address from where the notification messages are sent. It is important that the
    "from address" specified is one that is not rejected by the SMTP server, since some SMTP
    servers reject unknown e-mail addresses. For notifications sent by cell phone, any cell
    phone must be e-mail enabled.
    Mail Server
    The host name of the local outgoing mail server. This is the SMTP server ArcSight uses to
    send e-mail. The Outgoing Mail Server must be accessible from the ArcSight Manager for email
    notifications to be sent. SMTP is used to send e-mail. An SMTP server must be
    configured either at install time or set here.
    Mail Server
    The local incoming mail server host name.
    Select either IMAP or POP3 mail protocols.
    The e-mail account name. For notifications sent by e-mail, you need to add an address to the
    e-mail Address field.
    Enter the password for the account.
    Re-enter the same password to confirm.
    Note: POP3 and IMAP can be used to check for e-mail acknowledgments. You can specify
    these options at install time, or set them here. For acknowledgements, the relevant fields
    are "incoming mail server," which is the POP/IMAP server to specify to check e-mail,
    "incoming mail protocol," which is either POP3 or IMAP, "account" and "password," which
    are the login name and password to access the mailbox from the incoming mail server.
    Note that replying to mails from the notification "from address" should reach the mailbox
    accessible to the "account" login.

    What version of ESM is this?  If you would like to renew let me know who your Sales Rep is and I will be glad to get you in contact.

  • Suggested Answer

    I would add that if you use built-in notification then you are not prompted for authentication, but you have less flexibility on configuration options.

  • Thanks for the enlightenment,

    I use version 7.6 and on the kaspersky gateway It's not possible to create username and password, just authorize Host IPs and that's it.

    I even tried emails which are quite functional.

    Thanks anyway, I'll see

    Best Regards

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