Problem with apllying parser for syslog connector


Can you help with diagnose issue with applying parser for syslog connector.

I have next stages of issue:

1) I create config file for syslog connector and move it to /../current/user/agent/flexagent/syslog/ with name like

2) After 1st step, processing work correctly except some events.

3) i change config for better processing. But after that connector stop to applying my config. Also if i use config from 1st step it also not applying.

4) I create syslog connector in lab, and add config from 1st step, and it also work.

I'm not understand why it stop applying for production system.

I try to do next diagnostic:

 - compare configs from lab and prod, it was same (, and with same permissions

- if i remove and restart service of connector - it also recreated with "passthrough_syslog" for every source(in lab i have flexagent_syslog)

- i'm check another discussions. Many of that have advices about subagent, but i not use it and want use new config for all sources on connector.And also in lab it work without subagents,

- also, i try to use agents[0].customsubagentlist=flexagent_syslog , but it still show on  as "passthrough_syslog"

- i'm not look errors in agent.log or problem with parsing. Only next events:

[INFO ][com.arcsight.agent.y.c] [getInputStream]Resource [syslog/] not found
[INFO ][com.arcsight.agent.y.c] [getInputStream]Resource [syslog/] not found (AUP file ignored)
[INFO ][com.arcsight.common.config.AgentPropertiesFileConfiguration] [customInitialization]customInitialization() - read properties from file [/opt/arcsight/parser/current/user/agent/flexagent/syslog/].
[INFO ][com.arcsight.agent.sdk.d.n] [init]Successfully Parsed properties from file [syslog/parser]
[INFO ][com.arcsight.agent.sdk.d.n] [continueInit]MultiLine parsing is [disabled]
[WARN ][com.arcsight.common.config.AgentPropertiesFileConfiguration] [getBaseAgent]No ID and no Connectors configured

Do you have advises for next diagnose the issue?

Best regards,