Asking for the Most Stable Version we can upgrade


hope all is well.

Kindly, from your valuable experience, what is the most stable version could we upgrade to it?

Now, we are in the ESM Ver 7.5.

Appreciate your feedback! 

Ali Maher 


  • Verified Answer

    Dear Ali,

    Thank you for your post.

    From ESM 7.5, you have the following options:

    1. Apply patch ESM 7.5.10

    2. Upgrade from ESM 7.5 to ESM 7.6 or ESM 7.6.4

    3. Upgrade from ESM 7.5 to ESM 7.6.4 and then apply patch ESM 7.6.5


    We stronly recommend testing the upgrade in your test environment using copy of your ESM System tables before upgrading your main server.

    Kind Regards,

    Mohamed Kirkusawi