Arcsight Platform : "ArcSight ESM Web App (ESM Command Center)" Can't Open ?

Dear All

I faced this ERROR while Open arcSight Platform ESM App
--> Rules #OK 

--> Active Lists #OK
--> Session List #OK
 Channels # nothing ,blank 
--> Command Center # nothing  ,blank
RedirectUrl -> 

and  I direct click to ESM Command Center ,is OK!!

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  • Hello Daniel 

    "Thank you very much for your response and assistance. First off, I did follow your advice and went through the manual steps.

    I've previously run ArcsightPlatform version 23.3, and everything worked just fine. However, with this version 24.1, I'm encountering OSP connection failure messages despite setting it up the same way. This is really puzzling to me.

    The Arcsight Console also logs in via OSP and the connection is fine.

    I hope this helps clarify the situation. Thanks again for your help."