Arcsight Intelligence about Violation can't View events ( Explore Raw Events) :No events were found to match your search ?

Dear ALL

My Arcsight Platform Version CE24.1

Arcsight Intelligence "Anomalies & Violations" about 

threat: Workflow Violation or family: Violations or ds: Violation ,I can't view any Raw events  

  • Try another browser or look at parameters in ITOM Portal / Intelligence. At the bottom of the page you have 2 param.: Enable Search Manager and Event Sorting. Look at this if they are enabled. Also, check the time when alerts was created. If date is out of the Intelligence retention period, I think it's also a solution to your question. Alos, you can test with 3th param. "Events for Legacy Travel Related Anomalies" - enable it and after the pods are up and running, look at the search manager.