time ranges in ESM Console (+ECC) not filtering out events - clarifications needed

Hello to Everybody,

I have some some issues working with time ranges in ESM Console or in ESM Command Center (by using where keyword). I would like to search for different events during a period of multiple days, but before+after working hours and I tried in ESM Console using the default filter from Common\Shared filters\After Work Hour and it is not working, I get events out of my range. Additionally, I tried separately to use local variables in Active Channel (GetHour > 18) but is not working also. If I calculate and use in conditions of my Active Channel functions like GetDayofWeek (also using local variables), these are working, if I want to select events only from weekend or specific days, but with conditions that include hours comparison, every time the search is failing to filter out events - the ESM is latest version of software.

Can you give me some tips for how to fix this issue, in Console? Additionally, is there any special syntax to do the same thing in ESM Command Center event searches, to filter out event based on keyword where, something like ... | where endTime >= 18 (now I receive an error when I try this)?

.Best Regards,