ArcSight Platform - FUSION Users

Hello ppl!

How do I delete users from Fusion? It does not want to disable or remove their roles. I want to delete them - all of them. I know it's possible, I did this a few years ago but I don't remember, unfortunately -- Or delete a certain pods or a certain database file that contains these users. And after that, when you enter the default Fusion page, it asks you to restart the fusion user creation process.

And also, how can you reactivate a user from FUSION as we did in ESM? Not from ITOM, as this is a separate case...

AND, if we are still talking about users. I have ArcSight ESM that I authenticate with LDAP. How do I proceed if I want to do SSO between Fusion and ESM? Is the SSO integration part still valid or do I have to do the LDAP authentication configurations from /arcsight-nfs/ .. /sso/ Because in the documentation, at least in 23.3 and 24.1, it doesn't tell you what to do "in case x or y".

Thank you!