Healthy ESM Thread Count


How to know what is the healthy thread count for the ESM and the Agents? 

We have the next values in

- agent.threads.max=437

- serverletcontainer.jetty311.threadpool.maximum=674

However, the active thread count is always more than these numbers. It is always in the range 750 - 850. This causes multiple issues in ESM. 

Regarding the Agents, we have 64 agents. Regarding the resources, we have 157 GB for memory and 32 CPUs. The memory is always highly utilized. But, the CPU gets highly utilized sometimes. Moreover, the Agents start to cache every now and then because ESM drops the Agent threads.

How to determine if I need to increase the maximum thread count or not? Also, how to determine the suitable number of threads for each Agent? And is this problem caused by threads or resources?

  • Hello  ,

    I assume you also tuned the thread number parameter on the connector(s) side as well (http.transport.threadcount). Increasing agent.threads.max and serverletcontainer.jetty311.threadpool.maximum on ESM but not doing the same on the connector's side doesn't make sense. 

    Also, do all SmartConnectors create cache files (are caching) against ESM destination?

    What is the average EPS that each connector processes? 

    The way you described the issue, it seems this is more ESM performance issue, and increasing the number of threads on the connector and ESM side can cause even more damage.