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Active list compare

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over 1 year ago

Active list compare

  • When configured IOC with ESM, which is sending events to ESM. Events contain 'www' and 'https://' records, but not in active list, and doesn't not match with field like target hostname.

    Is it possible to match them and create new feature to do it for active lists?

    NGS-27313 was created before about that.



  • This post lacks ANY information from which to support and enhancement or not.

    I am unable to determine what "Active List Compare" is trying to get to.

    Please provide a:

    1. Good Descriptive title
    2. Good Descriptive narrative on what the task is
    3. Examples/Screen Shots/Videos which illustrate the requested enhancement.

    In ESM we can already compare a value to a value in an Active List.

    Please be more specific.

    Thank You