Idea ID: 2872854

Add API Token access capability to Okta SmartConnector

Spencer Phillips Spencer Phillips
Status : Delivered

This has been addressed in the SmartConnector release of 8.4.0. Please check Release Notes for SmartConnector 8.4 for more information.

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Brief Description:
Add API token access capability as an alternative to OAuth2 for the Okta SmartConnector


Provides a simpler setup of Okta, and another access method for environments restricted by either Multi-Factor Authentication or without a browser and GUI

Design Details:


This token would not require much setup other than creation of the token and providing the domain details and token to the SmartConnector. Much simpler than creating a custom OIDC application in order for the connection to be established. An administrator service account would still be required but this would be the only setup needed other than token creation on the Okta side.