Idea ID: 2874233

Allow extra processors for JSON Flex Connectors

Status: Needs Clarification

For some reason Extra Processors for JSON Flex files does not work. I have tired this several different methods but extra processors do not work. This would help with embedded JSON in the JSON. 

  • I would have to look. I did open a support ticket a while ago and they said was by design and I would need to put it on this board to get it added to a release. 

    I have tried several ways to get extra processors and/or submessages to work correctly with json parsers however I have been unsuccessful. I have worked around them with different spaghetti operators.  

  • This sounds like a defect, either in the documentation or in the relevant Flex code. Is there a support ticket open for this? If so, please post the ticket number.

    Prentice S. Hayes
    Product Management, Cybersecurity - ArcSight