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ArcMC (3.0):

- remove the "bulk operation" options from node management; sometimes it's annoying that we can click operations such as "scan host" then it tells it's deprecated and go to bulk operations

- bulk operations: when i select multiple hosts, the "scan host" option goes grey, and i'm unable to scan more than 1 host at a time

- the GUI is pretty much slow all the time

CDF ArcMC: when installing fusion, the arcmc-web pod won't start, because of license issues (won't work with the instant-on license)


- filter based privilige management (or any kind of privilige management, based on event context): would be a nice add-on, just like in logger (i'm not sure tho, if recon will be a replacement for logger, but since everything is going into CDF, i think so..)


- edirectory integration, or a useful guide on how to integrate custom products (most of our customers are using eDirectory, and would be willing to get intelligence)

- microfocus PAM/NAM integration (right now it's only possible with AWS intelligence)


- text based routing rule creation


Transformation Hub