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Cisco ASA 9.13.1 Support

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

Please add support for Cisco ASA version 9.13.1.

Using the latest connector frameworks, firewall logs still result in unparsed events.  MicroFocus configuration guide states that version up to 9.6 is supported.

Our customers have now started to migrate their estate to 9.13.1.


  • Hi Team,

    Is the above issue has been resolved? are we still facing the parser issue for Cisco ASA v9.13 logs.

    Right now we are also facing the same issue in Connector V 8.0 majority of the logs from the Cisco ASA v9.13 version firewall are not getting parsed.

    Please help us if any work around availble at earliest for parsing the Cisco ASA v9.13 .

  • We need updated support for Cisco ASA also.  Specifically Cisco ASA 9.12.

  •   by when we can expect the updated parser for Cisco ASA. Even in the latest version of smart connector 7.15.x, it has no support for device version > 9.6. My devices are running on 9.7 and 9.8.