Idea ID: 2871376

Content upgrade reconciliation tool

Status : New Idea

At present the upgrade of the resources that content constitutes of is performed automatic way.
All the resources get replaced with their successors introduced within the target version of ESM.
The approach is not appreciated by the admin teams of ArcSight.
The expectation is that a sort of script will be provided that facilitates the reconciliation of the content changes about to be introduced.
Ideally the tool offered shall take into consideration the shape of the original piece of content, get it compared with its target equivalent and then let the platform admin, who is  handling the upgrade to decide if the new release of resource shall be replacing the existing one.
Additionally the option to keep the original form of the given resource in place shall be offered to the person handling the upgrade.
In both cases the copy of the resource that has not been used shall be given an option to get it renamed and stored as backup.

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