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IIS Multiple site connector, failed access detect

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We are using that IIS multiple site connector, when there is an access problem one of site, i can see that details on agent.wrapper.log.However, this is not possible detect this on ESM or Recon. Because they are not any internal agent log. We need to detect this like agent:043 etc



  • Hi,

    yes, you are right. We are mssp service provider and this is not so easy to apply more flexconnector for manage. we need that internal log asap. I hope that it will be enough votes.

  • Hi Ozan,

    I have had similar issues with database smartconnectors when they couldn't connect. The only way I could think of was to write a flex connector which read the logs of the database connector (or in your case the logs of the IIS connector) looking for connection errors and sending an event to ESM when it happened.

    It seems excessive to have a flex connector watching a smart connector but "quis custodes ipsos custodient".