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Node management is limited to 30 items per page

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

For this to be an effective tool for MSSP use of managing ArcSight software, limiting screen views to 30-35 connectors is useless when managing > 130 agents per data center. The UI should be able to have options to display all possible entries at the same time for bulk operations and changes. Currently I have to go through 5 web pages to make one change to all of my connectors.



  • In the next release we will be starting to revamp the Management Center to better support the entire ArcSight ecosystem, including ESM, Logger, Connectors, TH, etc...  

    Visualizing and management of large numbers of components (e.g. connectors) are a target for us to address.  With our recent acquisition of ATAR Labs, we will be incorporating an orchestration engine into ArcMC to handle workflows in a step-by-step manner based on this technology.

    Should you have specific features you are looking for, please provide a list.


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