Idea ID: 2705624

Open parsers for new Smart Connectors

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

Open parsers for new Smart Connectors to be able to adjust easier and speed up the integration with the supported products.




  • From what I can see, now the Status is Delivered, may I know where can we access to those "open parsers"

  • I'm just thinking loudly: why don't MF publish a public repository where the parsers are hosted? (i.e. github).

    Why is not opened to the community where the users can open issues regarded to parsing as well contribute to improve its quality? (via a PM, for instance).

    I'd say that this would be a key to extend the current coverage of the agents as well improve its quality.

  • Also wondering about categorization files, being able to build on those would be helpful too :).

  •   what about the parsers for "azure-monitor-eventhub-connector" ?



  • Please refer to a lengthy discussion in the comments section of this post.

    Everything from the announcement that they in 8.0 release, to how to download it is found there.