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opensource the categorizers

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

PLease do not only release the unbfuscated parsers in a github, but also release the categorizers for collaboration on a github repo.






    Will this be on the same schedule as the parsers?

    From this question, since the parsers are being open sourced in April (this month), are the categorizers part of that release?

  • Hi Andreas,

    There is a current policy in place today that any customer who wishes to have access to the un-obfuscated parsers will get access to them. If you want access to the parsers, I suggest you speak with either the Support team or Martyn Hill.

    Our intent is to build an easier process for customers to work with the parsers and to design an ecosystem supporting community contributions to these parsers. I would like this to include a built-in parser testing mechanism. This is going to take some time to implement and I do not have a timeframe for this since it is in early discussions architecturally. It will more than likely be phased in stages, with new functionality being added in each release.