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Proactive Notification of ADP License Usage in ArcMC

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

We suggest a proactive notification/rule on the Real-time ADP Licensed Usage in ArcMC. User could get alert before their ADP Licensed Usage Breached. Also, Users require this feature in order to estimate the amount ADP License Usage to purchase. 

In ArcMC 2.9, there is a ADP Licensed Usage for the Last 30 Days in Dashboard, which shows the daily License Usage vs License Limit. This report will be refreshed every 1am.

The graph shows all traffic in your ADP environment.
- Green (the default) indicates that data usage is within your licensed limit.
- Amber indicates periods when your data usage approached your licensed traffic limit.
- Red indicates periods when your data usage exceeded your licensed traffic limit.

However, end users are required to log in ArcMC and check their daily usage everyday and the data usage is not real-time but refresh at 1am. 

Therefore, we would suggest a rule/notification on the ADP Licensed Usage (Real-time/Hourly Refresh).
Parameters could be: actual GB/Percentage % of Usage to trigger alert