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The APP shouldn’t be pinned to runtime version on Arcsight Azure Monitor Eventhub .

Status : Accepted

Every time there is a minor upgrade on Azure the Arcsight Apps stops working and the following error appears:
"Unsupported Runtime Version
Your custom runtime version is not supported. As a result runtime is being used.
Cannot Upgrade with Existing Functions
Major version upgrades can introduce breaking changes to languages and bindings. When upgrading major versions of the runtime, consider creating a new function app and migrate your functions to this new app."

In order to resolve the Azure administrator has to reinstall the Arcsight APPs with a changed parameter “FUNCTIONS_EXTENSION_VERSION” to new value 2.0.12808.0 on on archive “”
Then the APP starts running with no errors but with recommendation bellow
The APP shouldn’t pinned to runtime version.
“You are currently pinned to runtime version: 2.0.12808.0. You may update to unpin and use the latest: (~2).”



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