Idea ID: 2874230

ArcMC (and sucessor) enhancement

Status: Waiting for Votes


would be great if we could have both of the below options in ArcMC or its sucessor:

- 1) copy destination settings (like CustomerName, aggregation, filtering etc) from one connector-destination to another connector and also to the  same connector, but a second destination of this connector.

- 2) Define Templates for Destination settings, and apply them to one or several destinations at a time:
 --    Templates can also read from ESM into template section, and then used to creat a new tempplate.
 --    There needs to be a selection, which attributes from a Template should be applied to the new Destination (customer name, would not make sense to everwrite, rather keep it).  This way you could standardise aggregation, filter and those settings across the estate.

- 3 ) Also would be geat, if these templates would be able to inherit settings from another template:
  i.e. you have one MASTER template that should be applied always to all connectors, and from this, more specific templates are derived.
  And if you change one setting in the master setting, it would be really cool, if all settings would be updated across the connector destinations, where this template was used intially.

3  is "all the bells an jingles" option, and rather nice to have.