Idea ID: 2705148

ArcMC to manage all ArcSight products and components

Status: Accepted

Add process automation orchestration supporting ArcSight component and product infrastructure management through ArcSight-provided workflows.

Minimally will manage and/or monitor: Connectors, Thub and Kafka, Logger, ESM, Investigate, Certificates, Licensing, ...

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  • From your comment I read that the focus is on rapid deployment. However, it is equally if not even more important to efficiently operate the whole thing. We need to be able to spot any misbehavior/outages/errors quickly.

  • Our intent is to make ArcMC a true management center for managing the infrastructure of the entire ArcSight family.  This will include infrastructure management (cluster nodes, certificates, licensing, rules, …).

    We are planning on implementing an orchestration engine which runs workflows to help with overall management tasks.  Combined with exposing the ArcMC REST API, this should greatly speed up delivery of new management features, while also providing flexibility to customize OOTB workflows for customers that may need/want additional steps performed in the process.

    If there are specific management features you would like to see that do not exist today, please enumerate them here and we will consider them.

    Wayne Dalesio

    Senior Product Line Manager – ArcSight Software

    “Software is a team sport!”

  • ESM and LoadBalancer monitoring would be helpful

  • ArcMC should also manage and monitor load balancer.

  • Being able to both manage AND deploy all ArcSight products from ArcMC would be great. ESM management could be things like monitoring, package management (like rules etc), config backups, deployment of distributed correlation nodes to existing cluster and such.