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ESM user management by ArcMC

Status: Under Consideration

Under Consideration

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Allow to manage the users of the ESM by the ArcMC like for the Logger.

  • Also - set Password Policy in the ESM (currently via

  • Hello,

    for a Central user management, it should be possible to define users, groups and their permissions like for the Logger and to push them to the ESM.

    It would be of advantage if a group could be linked to a group in a central user repository / domain controller.

    Considering the overall integration of the ESM to the ArcMC, some ideas:

    - integration to the Dashboard (health summary, topology view),

    - deliver a basic configuration to the ESM node like for the logger, edit server properties, define an external user repository, configure SNMP settings,

    - allow management of the forwarding connector like other connectors,

    - manage peering,

    - deliver software packages

    If features of the ESM console will be included, they could be protected by a feature code.


  • Please specify the list of management functions you would like ArcMC to perform in both ESM and Logger.

    Wayne Dalesio

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