Idea ID: 2811409

Extending CISCO ASA parser to cover Cisco Firepower NGFW syslog

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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Similar to how current default ASA parser is accommodating the PIX and other modules like FWSM, consider enhancing the parser to handle FTD Syslog message as well

Reference Firepower Syslog

Reference CISCO ASA


Error Message %ASA-1-101001: (Primary) Failover cable OK.


Error Message %FTD-1-101001: (Primary) Failover cable OK.


  •    those easy things could get repaired and fed back to you, when the parsers were in GitHub or similar.

    The just releasing them to the customer via zip file will end up in the mess you were trying to get hold off, when MF started to not give up on parser to customers anymore...