Idea ID: 2822079

Make Logger Archives more accessible / readable for long term storage.

Status: New Idea

Old Archives from a logger should not be only accessible by rebuilding the logger with an old version of the software and restoring a configuration backup. Some customers need to store archives for several years and still want access to historical data on request after they have changed versions several times or even stopped using ArcSight.

  1. Provide the ability to import archives from any version of Logger (without a config backup); and / or,
  2. Provide a supported tool such as the old LACAT to be able to extract from archives; and / or,
  3. Provide an archive function / option that will write the archive in human readable (CEF?) text files that can be ingested in other tools in the future - i.e. if we stop using ArcSight or have to hand bulk data over to a customer

Any of the above options need to take into account integrity checks of the events / archives.