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Official Support for MSSQL 2022

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In Lab environment, we have configured Multiple Instance Audit DB SmartConnector and successfully collected logs from MSSQL 2022 

OT to acknowledge official support for MSSQL 2022 


  • In our 8.4 release notes and onward, the latest being Release Notes for SmartConnector 8.4.3, we have published an Updated Support Policy (in 8.4), which has been renamed to SmartConnector Parser Support Policy (in 8.4.2, I believe),

    The gist of this is that we do support any current version of any device for which we have certified a parser for a particular version or set of versions.

    There has been a lot of confusion on the difference between "certified" and "supported". The parser support policy in the release notes is a clarification of the other documents they reference. In short, we support all current versions of all devices for which we currently have a connector. The term "certified" indicates additional testing has been done with the available log messages.

    As you may guess, where possible we work with many product vendors to keep our connectors up-to-date, but that is not always possible. When that is not possible, we attempt to get a partnership license for testing and integration and try to generate as many unique events from the device as possible. After that, we rely on external data sources, such as customers like you, to provide problematic log messages to us, usually through the support process.

    We do have a log anonymization/sanitization tool that is in beta and is available by request to our Technical Support team. We have plans to make it generally available soon.

    I am going to mark this idea as Already Offered. If you have more questions, please contact me at phayes at opentext dot com.

    Thank you,

    Prentice S. Hayes
    Product Management, Cybersecurity - ArcSight