Upgrade Path


Once you have the all the required information to get started, you’ll need to choose the upgrade path that will best fit your situation.

Sequential Upgrade

The upgrade to ESM 7.5 can be done in one of two ways. The first which is to do a full sequential product upgrade. For a detailed guide describing how to update your version of ArcSight ESM, please refer to the ArcSight ESM Upgrading Guide. This will help ensure that all your customizations and settings from your current version are carried over to the latest version, while gaining the most recent and most advanced capabilities of ArcSight.

New instance of ArcSight ESM

The second is possible by standing up a new but separate instance of ArcSight ESM and then re-creating all your desired customizations, rules, and personalized settings. This method may be more costly than the sequential upgrade since you’ll be purchasing a new license, and possibly even new hardware, while you move everything over. The benefit of this option is you’ll drastically decrease product downtime compared to the sequential upgrade. Once you’re sure everything is ready to go in your new install of ArcSight ESM, you can then terminate the license of the original and outdated version of ESM.

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