Getting Started


Depending on your situation, upgrading your ArcSight software to the latest version may seem like an insurmountable task. With the resources and optional services at your disposal, we’re prepared to help your organization as much as you’ll allow us to. Whichever route you undertake, upgrading ArcSight ESM will not only ensure you maintain reliable SIEM performance, but it will also enhance your experience and capabilities by bringing a wider and more capable set of functionality to your SIEM solution.


If you and your team feel confident in your technical abilities, knowledge of your environment, and have read the ArcSight ESM Upgrading Guide, you should feel empowered to start with self-installation. This is obviously the cheapest option for your organization, and depending on your situation, may not be terribly difficult to accomplish. As mentioned in the upgrading guide, if your deployment of ArcSight ESM contains large trends with IP addresses, contains large datasets, or if you have issues with system performance, your total upgrade times will be longer than those outlined in the guide.  Throughout your upgrading process, be sure to take advantage of the documentation resources, the ArcSight Community, and the free levels of support offered to all ArcSight customers.

Support Packages

ArcSight ESM is an extremely flexible and capable product, and is often installed in very complex environments. With this in mind, there are several support and service resources available to help you. Reading documentation and watching videos can only get you so far, and there are times when getting more personal assistance to guide you through the process may be a good option.

We have a full range of upgrade support services available which can be engaged at different levels to best meet your needs. Our support also offers flexibility with services such as the premium offering, which enhances the Micro Focus business support, or even short-term support with Micro Focus flexible credits.

Professional Services

We have a team of professional services consultants who will work with you not just for upgrades but also to develop secure business solutions to meet your business goals. ArcSight specialists are prepared to help with the upgrade preparation process as well as the upgrade itself. Recently, many ArcSight customers have opted to utilize our Professional Services team to implement their complementary license of ArcSight SOAR. Although our Professional Services option is a paid service, the combination of expert advice, work performed, and time saved far outweigh the cost.

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