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5 Creative Uses of Advanced Authentication

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Micro Focus’s Advanced Authentication (AA) is an open framework that allows just about any authentication type to be plugged into it. With its open architecture, AA allows organizations to future proof their environment so they can always have the freedom to adopt the latest without the fear of vendor lock-in.

5 Creative Uses of Advanced Authentication2.jpgTroy Drewry, product manager for Advanced Authentication, I presented a BrightTalk webcast tilted, “The Five Most Creative Ways that Organizations are using Advanced Authentication,” that shares the transformations we're seeing in authentication among our customers, both install base as well as in new implementations.

It has been interesting to see the adoption of advanced authentication technologies continue to accelerate as the dynamics behind that growth expand to new business models. Overall, we’re seeing an evolution in the approach to user verification across a broadening set of technologies and user assumptions. While core, typical security use cases like remote access continue to be a strong driver of authentication infrastructure investments, user convenience is becoming more table stakes.  The struggle is to make authentication strong without also creating an experience that is too cumbersome for users that ultimately blocks consumer interaction. In fact, if done right, strong authentication makes interactions and transaction more convenient than ever before.  

Here are the first two creative ways…

Keeping the fridge stocked… case in point is the smart refrigerators that let you make purchases using a touchscreen that is embedded in its door. With these new refrigerators, you can place an order when you notice that someone has cleaned out all the yogurt or as you consumed that last portion of mayonnaise. These refrigerators can also be configured with a built-in internal camera that spots items to invoke purchases of items that need to be replenished. For either of these scenarios to be viable in the market consumer trust is essential. Think how essential security becomes to not only make transactions secure but also to keep consumer account and other personal information safe from exploitation or misuse. To ease potential customer apprehension about placing unwanted orders, say 100 chocolate bars by teen’s friends, these auto shopping appliances come equipped with workflows that allow the buyer, i.e., the person on the hook to pay the bill, to approve orders for purchase via an app on their smartphone.  

Making your car smarter… taking a look at the evolution of the automotive industry. Among others, Jeep, Nissan, and Tesla have all learned their lessons on the perils of not securing their communications to their customer's connected autos. It's another reminder that hackers, criminals, and other outsiders are always on the lookout to exploit the unprotected. The issue of strong authentication to connected cars is paramount because the number of electronic components in vehicles will nearly double in the next five years. Not only is the use of electronic control units, telemetric control units, entertainment systems quickly expanding, they are increasingly continuously connected and electronically secured. Drivers are now able to unlock their cars, access remote music and get messages all from their smart apps. Vendors can get car use and health information remotely. Each year, the level of connectivity and control evolves in sophistication, raising the stakes of vulnerability. We currently have a major auto manufacturer implementing AA to secure their facilities as well as their connected automobiles that they sell and offer services to. 

For the full list of creative uses of AA, catch the replay of the webcast Creative Ways that Organizations are using Advanced Authentication. Troy goes into ways AA is being used in healthcare, banking/retail, and ID systems. With all of the advancements we’re seeing in strong authentication we should probably make this webcast an annual update.


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