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Adventures with Andrew

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At Fortify, we have an incredibly talented and diverse team. We hope you join us in taking the opportunity to get to know different members from all over our organization through the Fortify Employee Spotlight series. 

Andrew GarrettOur next spotlight highlights Andrew Garrett. Andrew started working here in April of 2020 as a Fortify Product Marketing Manager. Before that, he worked for four years at a Utah-based company called SecurityMetrics. He says, “That's where I was introduced to this industry, and I grew to understand the importance of Cybersecurity.” From 2019-2021 Andrew was enrolled in the MBA program at Utah Valley University where he first met some of his current CyberRes colleagues, Ben Godfrey, and Kaitlyn Sorensen. 

As for his almost three years of experience here at Fortify, he says he has thoroughly enjoyed working here and that there is no shortage of great people! Please join us in getting to know Andrew!

Q: Where did you grow up? 

A: I grew up in Provo, Utah in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. I think the mountains are beautiful, but my boss Brent Jenkins says they're brown and nothing to write home about. 

Q: How long have you been with Fortify and how did you find Fortify? 

A: I mostly answered this above, but I've been with Fortify for about three years and I found Fortify because I was recruited by a Micro Focus recruiter who tracked me down on LinkedIn while I was at SecurityMetrics.  

Q: What do you do at Fortify? 

A: I work in product marketing, and my goal is to make our salespersons' lives easier by providing them with the content they need to portray Fortify in the best light. I believe the Fortify products really are high-end, industry-leading solutions so it's not hard for me to talk them up! I create data sheets, white papers, blog posts, web content, email campaigns, newsletters, and I'm also the proud creator of the podcast-style YouTube series called "AppSec 101." This is a series of videos on our Fortify Unplugged channel where I interview people from within Fortify to talk about AppSec trends and best practices, and it's garnered over 42,000 organic views so far! 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Fortify? 

A: The people. I know other people have said this in their employee spotlights and it really is true. Even though we're spread out across the globe, we still manage to form strong bonds. Remote work for the win! 

Q: What is your proudest work accomplishment so far? 

A: I already mentioned the AppSec 101 series, so aside from that I would say learning how to work effectively with people, even when I'm physically on my own. Remote work is great, but it also comes with its challenges, and it requires you to be a self-starter. So I'm proud that I've been able to adapt to work and thrive independently, without the need of a boss breathing down my neck. (The boss from the movie "Office Space" comes to mind Slight smile). It's a good feeling to take ownership of my work. 

Q: What would you like to accomplish at Fortify? 

A: I'd like to continue to expand my network with the extended Fortify team. There are still a lot of people within Fortify I haven't interacted with, and I'd love to get to the point where I feel like I know just about everyone and they know me. I feel like I'm most effective at my job when we all work together and collaborate. 

Q: If you could do another job for a day, what would you do? 

A: Play-by-play analyst on the broadcast for an NBA team. 

Q: What is a hidden talent you have? 

A: I played the snare drum on my high school and college drumlines, and I also worked part-time as a drumline instructor for several years. I maintain a YouTube channel on the side called "Andrew Films Drums" where I post drumline videos of myself and others. My top video inexplicably has nearly four million views! 

Q: What is your favorite family tradition? 

A: Once a month my entire family (parents, siblings, kids, nieces & nephews, everyone) gets together for Sunday dinner. It's nice to all meet up and spend quality time together. 

Q: Favorite childhood memory? 

A: When I was 18 years old, I hiked with some friends through Havasupai, Arizona, which is a place in the Grand Canyon where there are some incredibly beautiful waterfalls. Picture Caribbean-blue water cascading down a backdrop of red rocks. The amazing thing is I went there at the beginning of July 2008, and at the end of July 2008 there was a massive flood that altered the course of the river permanently, and one of the waterfalls I saw (Navajo Falls) doesn't even exist anymore. So I always feel like I was lucky to go there when I did. 


Q: Beach or mountain lake vacation?  

A: Beach 

Q: Apple or Android?  

A: Apple 

Q: Time travel to the future or the past?  

A: Past 

Q: Cats or Dogs?  

A: Cats 

Q: Sweet or salty?  

A: Salty 

Q: Early Bird or Night Owl? 

A: Night Owl 

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