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Announcing OpenText™︎ Voltage Fusion Data Security Platform

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With the latest release of Voltage Fusion Data Security Platform, OpenText continues to build on synergies from the Micro Focus acquisition and revolutionize how businesses think about cybersecurity! Fusion helps businesses of all sizes discover, assess, monitor, and reduce the risk associated with managing sensitive data. Fusion’s AI-powered analytics drive operational efficiencies reducing cost of operations and enhance security and privacy postures improving compliance across cloud, hybrid cloud and off-cloud environments.

Why A Platform for Data Security Leapfrogs “Point Solutions”

Customers are increasingly recognizing the relationship between data security and data privacy. For example, in a report we co-sponsored with Osterman Research, on “CIO and CISO Investment Priorities for Cybersecurity in 2023” escalating regulatory demands are cited as the top challenge with highest impact on how organizations are driving cybersecurity. The two areas where respondents correlated high concern/high priority with high investment, are: (1) security of the cloud applications and services they use, and (2) data discovery and classification to get control over their data – to know what data they have and where. These responses point to the combination of needs for data discovery and protection.

And what about data governance? Whether a business is subject to the California Privacy Rights Enforcement Act (CPRA), the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other privacy regulations, these laws include articles requiring data protection, minimization, portability, business purpose, and the consumer’s right to data deletion. But with the explosion in data and application sprawl, organizations are struggling to manage their data across their multi-cloud hybrid ecosystems – and over the data lifecycle, as time dictates change in data access and utility.

What OpenText Voltage Fusion Delivers for Your Business

Security, privacy, and governance of data are interrelated. Our Privacy-enhancing technologies (PET) provide the unifying bridge between these use cases. Privacy-enhancing technologies improve privacy by reducing the amount of personal data collected and shared, and by reducing the risk of personal data being used or misused in ways that could harm the individual if not handled ethically. These technologies include PII detection, encryption, masking/anonymization, tokenization, and data minimization. With these technologies we also ensure that personal data remains secure in use in contexts such as data analytics.

Voltage Fusion provides many advantages through its cloud platform over disparate point solutions, including unified set-up and configuration, centralized analytics, ability to scale, and a foundation to address multiple use cases and needs for our customers. Our cloud platform approach is flexible and can grow with customers, whether small business, mid-size, or enterprise. Increased data exposure and global regulations are driving demand by organizations of all sizes for a data security platform to reduce risk and enable privacy compliance and data lifecycle management.

What Sets Us Apart with OpenText Voltage Fusion?

The most successful businesses place cybersecurity as a Board-level mandate. At OpenText, we know that organizations must balance security and compliance with business objectives. We are proud of the proven solutions in Voltage that can help our customers turn data security into a catalyst for growth! Going well beyond data discovery and simple risk scoring, I would underscore the unified view we provide to all data types (structured and unstructured) across the customer’s data estate – presenting the associated data risk and monetary value to enable prioritization of risk mitigation projects – plus our strengths in data security techniques, our stability and performance in multi-cloud, private cloud, and off-cloud deployments, and our success addressing privacy, protection, and data governance use cases.

In customer deployments we are demonstrating how Voltage Fusion connects data discovery to action on data – for example, by supporting data minimization to reduce the cost and complexity of application and data sprawl. These use cases include application retirement and modernization, cloud migrations and data archiving. In addition, Voltage helps drive Environmental, Social and Governance mandates like reduced power consumption, and Green-IT Challenges by providing sustainable, carbon-reducing data security approaches.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

OpenText Voltage Fusion Data Security Platform is a Leader in The Forrester WaveTm: Data Security Platforms, Q1 2023.  The Forrester Wave is a significant validation of our strategy to evolve data security to a cloud platform, as well as recognition of the strength of our current offering and market momentum. In recognition of customer needs, and foresight to market trends, Voltage Fusion offers businesses a powerful and effective way to address data security, privacy, and governance end-to-end, with capabilities connecting data discovery, classification, and insight to data security, usage monitoring, and data lifecycle management.

Find out more about the impressive placement of OpenText Voltage Fusion in The Forrester WaveTm: Data Security Platforms, Q1 2023!


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