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Another Language Supported, Another Team Success for Fortify AppSec

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Fortify application solutions continues to bring our market leading SAST capabilities to new technologies so that more developers - regardless of what technology they are using - can achieve a high standard of security for their application. 

free plugin to enable static application security testingFortify is proud to announce that its customers can now download a free plugin to enable static application security testing on Scala based applications. Detailed instructions for how to download, install, and utilize the plugin are included.    

In today’s landscape, organizations must deliver a high-quality applications in a short timeframe while navigating through often complex security compliance requirements. This has led to many modern practices like DevSecOps, shift-left testing, rapid development, and many more to be put in place to competitively meet stakeholders’ needs. Scala applications are no different and developers must find a solution to ensure their application is secured while also not being disruptive with the other tasks in which they are responsible. With the increasing adoption rate of Scala demonstrated through large implementations in companies such as Twitter and usage in popular frameworks like Apache Sparks, the demand for Scala application security has never been greater. 

Now with Fortify’s expanded support for the Scala language, we can ensure our new and existing customers have access to a scalable enterprise security solution that will easily integrate into a DevSecOps based environment. Scala security testing can be executed and resolved like functional and performance based testing; with automation leading the execution and developers resolving the defects found in the results. 

“Fortify has long been recognized as an application security leader, and we are excited to expand availability of high quality, DevSecOps-ready static analysis to the Scala development community.” said Dylan Thomas, Fortify Head of Product Management. “When choosing Fortify, Scala developers and security teams don’t need to compromise when it comes to rapid delivery of secure software.” 

With this free plugin, Fortify is demonstrating its commitment to our customers by empowering them to create application with technologies that suit the problems they are addressing while also having a leading security tool to achieve today’s demands for high-quality security.     

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