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ArcSight cyDNA: Transform Cybersecurity Defenses with Adversary Signal Analytics

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 OpenText is excited to announce the general availability of ArcSight cyDNA!  With revolutionary Adversary Signal Analytics, cyDNA provides threat awareness beyond your perimeter, and delivers actionable intelligence for complex operating environments. cyDNA gives you a bird’s-eye view of what’s being targeted and how attacks are being carried out. It lets you discover, define, and contextualize adversarial internet signals directed at your organization, helping expose attacks before they can gain a foothold.  

Large organizations have it rough in terms of cybersecurity, and they struggle with a unique set of challenges as they attempt to defend their sensitive data: 

  1. Fragmented Attack Visibility
  2. Siloed Detection and Response
  3. Limited Threat Attribution Capabilities

With ArcSight cyDNA, we've engineered a solution specifically tailored to mitigate these challenges, providing enhanced threat visibility, threat context, and threat mitigation capabilities to elevate your security operations. The ability to expose and counter threats before they can gain a foothold is extremely important for any security program. Early detection and prevention can significantly reduce the risk and potential damage inflicted by cyber threats.  

Common market solutions like threat intelligence platforms and attack surface management provide you with an overview of what could happen to your organization. ArcSight cyDNA provides you with an overview of what is happening to your organization, showing you where you’re being targeted, and the methods being used in the attacks.  You gain a far superior level of perspective and detail, allowing your organization to accelerate threat readiness and response.  

ArcSight cyDNA extends your visibility from the NearSpace monitoring capabilities of traditional security perimeters, to the FarSpace monitoring of global internet signals in order to identify malicious traffic without collecting a single event log. It then applies deconfliction analysis to filter out noise and provide a precise view of the signals specific to your environment, distinguishing between broad-level campaigns and targeted attacks. Finally, it facilitates an optimized incident response using tailored insights and automated countermeasures based on early-warning signals and the characteristics of identified threats.

ArcSight cyDNA doesn’t require existing ArcSight products to operate, as it can be used to provide detailed insights for any SIEM platform. When used in conjunction with the insights of a SIEM solution, it enables your organization with MultiSpace analysis for optimal threat awareness. And since cyDNA is SaaS-based, there’s no need for a lengthy deployment and integration period. It can be set up and providing ROI within a matter of days. 

What sets ArcSight cyDNA apart from other cybersecurity solutions? 

  • FarSpace Signal Analytics with deconfliction filters enable you to discover, define, and monitor malicious internet signals beyond your perimeter to determine exactly where and how you’re being targeted.
  • Threat Actor Attribution tracks threat actors through multiple proxies to see beyond digital disguises and uncover the origin of malicious activity.
  • Multi-Domain Security and cross-entity models enable you with a more comprehensive view of threats across branches, departments/agencies, and supply chain, with the ability to monitor malicious signals directed at any of these areas and validate their identified threats.
  • SaaS-Based Deployment lets you bolster your defenses quickly and easily, forming an inspection shield over your covered space to provide you with relevant and actionable insights, all without collecting a single event log.

Eye-Opening Results of Initial cyDNA Customer Trials 

Early trial runs of cyDNA have already provided immensely valuable insights to trial customers, including: 

  • Blind spots in their cyber posture
  • Surprising results on which adversaries are targeting them.
  • Visibility into data exfiltration and C2 activity.
  • How geopolitical activities are impacting their cybersecurity.
  • Easy visualizations and analysis of adversarial campaigns.
  • Details on which specific assets are being targeted. For example: Cloud Compute Resources, Exposed OT/SCADA, Executives and employees directly targeted, etc.

If you’d like to learn more about ArcSight cyDNA and see what value it could bring to your organization specifically, please submit an inquiry on our ArcSight cyDNA Inquiry Form. We’d love to chat with you! 

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