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Cat + Mouse = Privacy Compliance?

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Finding your customers' data can feel like a cat-and-mouse game. Modern privacy laws and regulations like the CPRA and GDPR have heightened the challenge for businesses to responsibly find, analyze, and protect their sensitive, high-value data.

However, many companies need the right framework to learn where all their data is and where to start. The loss of customer trust remains one of the top concerns for most organizations, increasing companies' need to implement a data trust framework for data discovery and protection. With data discovery, protection, and privacy software vendors often selling only parts of what is needed to ensure your high-value data is safe throughout its lifecycle, it can make the increasing challenges of privacy compliance feel impossible to tackle.

As we enter Data Privacy Week (January 22-28) and with the start of the new year, our Voltage team hosted its first CyberRes Voltage webinar on January 17, 2023. Our data privacy experts, Rob Aragao, Greg Clark, and Eric Popiel explored how and why privacy compliance can lead to innovation and growth. During this webinar, our speakers walked us through the role of privacy, the data trust framework, some recommended approaches and concluded with the business outcomes. 

Cat + Mouse = Privacy ComplianceOne of the surprise highlights of the webinar was the analogy that our speakers used to compare the offerings of some data discovery vendors to when an outdoor cat brings you a mouse in your kitchen…

The cat feels like he’s bringing you a gift, but you are thinking: ‘’great, you caught a mouse, but what can I do with it?’’ The mouse might be dead, alive, or even a neighbor's pet, so what now?

As in this analogy, the most challenging part after discovery is to know what to do next with your data. The Voltage approach connects data discovery to insight, enabling effective action tied into your data's lifecycle, so you never have to wonder what's next. 

During Data Privacy Week, register for this on-demand webinar to learn why implementing a data trust framework can reduce the number of mice on your desk. 

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Supporting Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week on January 22 -28 is an annual campaign to spread awareness about data privacy and educate individuals on how to secure their personal information. The goal of Data Privacy Week is to raise awareness and promote data privacy and data protection best practices and is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business, believes so strongly in promoting Data Privacy, that we are Data Privacy Week Champions and urge all organizations to respect data. Check out our new Data Privacy Week blog detailing how we can help find, classify and protect customer data, and our other Data Security blog that shines the spotlight on California’s CPRA and highlights the importance of data minimization

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