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Debricked and Cyberres, Now Helping Companies Use Open Source Better and Safer

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Recently, Micro Focus announced the acquisition of Swedish SaaS company Debricked. This acquisition will make Debricked an extremely valuable addition to CyberRes’ application security portfolio and will amplify the future growth innovation for both CyberRes and Debricked. This dynamic duo is going to do great things in the software resilience industry, just wait and see what lies in store. 

Debricked and CyberRes, now helping companies use open source better and saferWho is Debricked?

Debricked began in 2015 as a research project at the Lund university and then made its debut as a startup in 2018, becoming the Debricked we know and love today, which resides in Malmö, Sweden. Their goal is to help companies all around the world be able to use open source in a better and safer way. Their software is innovating how organizations can secure their software supply chain from beginning to end.

What do they do?

Debricked provides three main tools (Security Vulnerabilities, License Compliance, and Community Health) that truly put the developer first. They help your team spend less time on not only finding and solving security and compliance issues, but spending more time writing code. They all work together to secure the use of open source code and development, but each have a unique story. Let’s get into those:

  • Security Vulnerabilities: Living by the motto “Know, Prevent, Fix” this tool helps to automate the process of managing the vulnerabilities in open source. It not only is easy to integrate, have your first scan completed, and receive results, but you can do it all within minutes and a few simple clicks. This tool takes a developer-focused approach to managing open source so that you can know the threats that will actually pose a risk, not just the false positives. Now, the “code that cried threat” constantly clogging up your to-do list is no more! Solving the vulnerabilities has two easy solutions of a manual update or creating an automated pull request for fixes. You can also create customized rules and policies to automatically help prevent new threats from entering in your codebase.
  • License Compliance: You can stop stressing about having a compliance expert on call when you have this tool as it simplifies and automates the whole process of license compliance. It will automate intake control, understand and evaluate the risks, and report and analyze as you go. In addition, it will also provide report documents that you will be able to share with relevant stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Community Health: Being able to weigh the pros and cons of different open source dependencies is important before deciding which ones to bring on board. "The tool gives you all the insights needed to create a healthy, high quality codebase. The 4-step process of search & find, compare, evaluate, and monitor is accessible from the click of your mouse. 

Why Debricked?

Debricked is not just for one team member or for one function. It is here to support your entire DevSecOps team. It is referred to as “the Engineer’s dream, the Analyst’s heaven, and the Captain’s bridge”. It is truly meant to be a team player and benefit the organization as a whole. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are some other reasons it’s worth a try:

  • Everything from integration, running scans, interpreting results, and fixing vulnerabilities is focused on being user friendly and easy to understand.
  • The free product trial makes it simple to ensure this tool is what you are looking for and shows the power of the product at no cost to you.
  • The regular package is offered starting at a low price of $27.46/month which is a fraction of what you could be paying with other competitors.
  • No data quality is compromised as data is held to a high standard.
  • Debricked has had incredible growth and innovation which is only going to speed up, so now is the time to come aboard.
  • Over 90% precision in supported languages.
  • The tools take a holistic approach to securing open source and has multiple benefits for your whole team.

Take a load off your shoulders and try Debricked today!

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