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Department of Defense Contractor Stays Competitive with Identity Governance

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NetIQTm Identity Governance by OpenText helps yet another organization comply with government mandates. A US Department of Defense (DoD) contractor ensures compliance with the DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and performs certain identity governance administration processes. This level of compliance keeps the contractor competitive in the bidding process. 

Compliance Challenges 

The client struggled with existing audits, access reviews, and the compliance of several financial applications and other sensitive databases. Fatigue set in from responding to time-consuming queries about what entitlements are assigned within applications, who had assigned them, and why. 

Identity Governance Solution 

 To solve this issue, the contractor used our Identity Governance solution to accelerate unified review processes and improve security and compliance at scale. 

Working with our partner Trivir, the DoD contractor was able to:  

  • Connect Identity Governance with the Identity Vault, Active Directory, and Card Management System. 
  • Control the security of business assets in an automated, web-based fashion—instead of spending weeks or months manipulating data in spreadsheets. 
  • Leverage its enterprise service bus (ESB) and custom NetIQ account and permission collectors, quickly onboarding 200 critical applications. 

Business Benefits 

The result? This DoD contractor attained CMMC compliance and saved 3,000 hours by eliminating manual data sampling, spreadsheet review, and email communication.  

 In the words of Jim Montgomery, Governance Practice Lead at TriVir: 

“This particular DoD contractor manages tens of thousands of identities, covering thousands of applications, including financial solutions containing very sensitive data. Implementing NetIQ Identity Governance accelerated progress toward meeting CMMC requirements by automating the onboarding of so many applications quickly and simplified the administrative burden of governance across the organization, which was a huge positive paradigm shift.”  

If you want to learn more about Identity Governance and Administration, check out our new “What is Identity Governance and Administration?” webpage that lays out:  

  • What IGA is 
  • Key IGA capabilities 
  • The value of a complete IGA solution 
  • Why invest in IGA 

Identity Governance and Administration are fundamental to a strong cybersecurity posture and a least privilege security strategy. Don’t miss this informative read. 

About NetIQ 

Zero trust is part of an overall digital transformation. As organizations move to the cloud and incorporate IoT, they can also make the switch to zero trust. Doing so will deliver an enhanced security level to the ecosystem and even cover legacy technologies as they transition.  

Our report on the state of zero trust shows that 87% of enterprises are on the zero trust journey—having already rolled it out or making plans to do so.  

Identity and Access Management is the place to start to achieve zero trust. Our mission at NetIQ is to help organizations protect sensitive information by automating privilege and access control to ensure appropriate access to applications, data, and resources. In other words, we help our customers achieve zero trust.  

You can learn more about us on our NetIQ homepage. And be sure to check out our video demos on the NetIQ Unplugged YouTube channel 


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