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ArcSight 2023.1: Empowering Cybersecurity Heroes with Real-Time Detection and Automated Response on SaaS

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OpenText Cybersecurity is thrilled to introduce ArcSight 2023.1, a groundbreaking release that brings Real-Time Threat Detection to the ArcSight SaaS platform, and close behind our recent release of SOAR on ArcSight SaaS. Backed by real-time threat detection, SOAR, threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, search, log management, and compliance capabilities, ArcSight 2023.1 is one of the market's few truly complete SIEM as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

With the full power of the ArcSight portfolio now accessible in a cloud-hosted environment, security operations teams like yours are empowered to focus their efforts on lightning-fast threat detection and response, rather than time-consuming architectural maintenance and updates.

For the Overextended SOC Team

In today's challenging cybersecurity landscape, defending against complex threats while managing an expanding attack surface is a major concern for Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The list of potential threats grows longer and longer, while the war for skilled talent continues to take its toll, leaving SOC teams with increasingly heavy workloads as they strive to limit their organization’s risk and threat exposure. Additionally, teams have to split their time as they also carry out administration on security solutions and manage compliance.

ArcSight 2023.1 addresses these challenges by providing real-time detection with native SOAR, enhanced search, new integrations, and more, to simplify security operations and reduce threat exposure time.

ArcSight SaaS with Real-Time Threat Detection

There are many threat-detection technologies on the market today, but there’s still nothing that can uncover and escalate a known threat within a cyber environment faster than real-time threat detection from a SIEM. ArcSight SaaS with Real-Time Threat Detection leverages ArcSight’s incredibly powerful correlation engine to alert analysts to threat-correlated events in real-time. Very few real-time detection solutions exist in the SaaS space, and as ArcSight has been a long-time market leader in real-time correlation, the release of ArcSight SaaS with Real-Time Threat Detection is truly a game changer for the SaaS-based SOC.

In addition to real-time threat detection, the solution also provides comprehensive data collection, a native threat intelligence feed, dynamic event risk scoring and prioritization, search and hunt features, compliance support, a huge amount of content (including customizable reports, dashboards, and rules), and native integrated SOAR.

ArcSight SaaS with SOAR

The base ArcSight SaaS platform now includes native SOAR capabilities, making it a comprehensive cybersecurity solution with both detection and response functionality. With SOAR, security teams can automate repetitive tasks, orchestrate workflows, and facilitate rapid incident response. All of this empowers cybersecurity teams to streamline their operations, reduce their threat response times, and increase their overall efficiency. By creating a unified security ecosystem through seamless integrations with other security tools, ArcSight SaaS with SOAR enables organizations to coordinate their response to security incidents and effectively combat cyber threats.

A Complete SIEM as a Service Offering

ArcSight SIEM as a Service streamlines the security operations experience by eliminating the need for server management, freeing up time for security analysts to focus on being efficient threat hunters that can dedicate their time and expertise to protecting their organizations against cyber threats.

The release of ArcSight 2023.1 expands on ArcSight’s cutting-edge solutions, backed by ArcSight’s 20+ years of SIEM expertise and now fully deployable on SaaS. Empowered with 360° threat analysis, automation, and real-time cyber defense in a simplified and streamlined SecOps environment, security teams can now be true cybersecurity heroes as they’re enabled to focus on combatting modern cyberthreats with both speed and efficiency.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and consultation to learn exactly how ArcSight SaaS can empower your SOC team! And if you’re attending the RSA Security Conference next week (April 24-27), be sure to stop by our booths to chat (booth 5305 in the North Hall and booth 0654 in the South Hall).

Have you heard? ArcSight scored 10/10 in a Competitive SIEM Benchmark Evaluation by an industry analyst focused on MITRE ATT&CK. Read the report for free here.


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