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Fortify Hosted: Secure DevOps in the Cloud

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Another year, another innovative AppSec solution from Fortify! Allow me to introduce you to Fortify Hosted, a virtual private cloud environment, maintained by Fortify, so users can focus on AppSec, not infrastructure.

While the landscape of application development continues to evolve, organizations have been transitioning their application development and workflows to the cloud, taking advantage of its scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. However, with the benefits of DevOps come the challenges of bringing your security tools with you into that cloud environment.

Fortify Hosted is designed to transition with your developers to continue driving secure application development as you move from on-prem to cloud environments by providing Fortify application security capabilities in a cloud-based SaaS offering. 

Challenges in Cloud-Based DevSecOps

While the cloud offers numerous benefits, it also introduces unique security risks. With an increased attack surface, distributed development teams, and the constant deployment of new code, vulnerabilities can emerge at a staggering pace. Consequently, there is a pressing need for security solutions that can keep up with the dynamic nature of cloud-based DevOps and protect applications throughout their lifecycle.

Fortify Hosted: Cloud-Driven Code Security

Fortify Hosted has been specifically engineered to address the complex security challenges faced by organizations embracing DevOps in the cloud. With Fortify Hosted, you get:

  1. Seamless Integration into CI/CD Pipelines: Fortify Hosted seamlessly integrates with popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI, and Azure DevOps, ensuring that security is woven into every step of the development process. By providing automated security testing within the pipeline, developers can identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they become major issues.
  2. Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive vulnerability coverage while minimizing false positives with machine learning through Audit Assistant.
  3. Fast remediation: Prioritized findings with detailed remediation advice, plus real-time feedback as code is being developed.
  4. Centrally managed risk: Central management and visibility into application risk across the enterprise, aligned to your security policy.
  5. Fortify Software Security Center, ScanCentral SAST, ScanCentral DAST, Software Composition Analysis, WebInspect, Security Assistant, and a range of plugins/extensions for your DevOps tools.

Architecture Components

Fortify Hosted consists of a single tenant cloud-based application security solution with a web-based user interface that enables you to configure, perform, and manage application security assessments. You can also access this functionality via a suite of tools and a comprehensive API, enabling you to integrate application security assessments into your Software Development Lifecycle.

All connectivity between Fortify Hosted and your environment is via the internet from a restricted range of IP addresses provided by your organization or Site-to-Site VPN.

So What Now?

As businesses continue to accelerate their digital transformation journeys with cloud-based DevOps, security must remain a top priority. Fortify Hosted helps organizations seeking to embrace the benefits of DevOps in the cloud without compromising security. By seamlessly integrating into CI/CD pipelines, providing comprehensive SAST and DAST, delivering container security, and fostering a shift-left approach, Fortify Hosted empowers businesses to confidently develop and deploy applications while staying resilient against modern cyber threats.

To learn more about Fortify Hosted, check out this Fortify Hosted Overview Video from Jan Wienand, Fortify Pre-sales Consultant, or to get started with Fortify Hosted, please contact us to learn more. You're also invited to join us for our Fortify Hosted webinar on September 27th, which will feature a live Q&A session. Have a great day and remember, great code is secure code!

More About Fortify

Fortify by OpenText delivers software resilience for modern development with a holistic, inclusive, and extensible application security platform from a trusted partner that supports today’s enterprises. This comprehensive suite of products brings holistic security and visibility to developers, AppSec professionals and key stakeholders with automated integrations for any tool, anywhere in the SDLC and a robust set of capabilities available on premise, cloud-hosted, or as a managed service.

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