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Humans and Machines Episode Blog: GDPR and You, featuring Carole Piovesan

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The areas of law and artificial intelligence might feel like worlds that never connect, but that’s no longer true. In fact, growing concerns around data privacy, ethical and responsible AI, and data and model bias, have made the intersection of law and AI both incredibly important and increasingly relevant. 

Humans and Machines Episode Blog: GDPR and YouFor this reason, I was super excited to talk with Carole Piovesan, the Managing Partner at INQ Law and partner at INQ IQ. INQ specializes in data governance, privacy law, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence risk management, and Carole herself regularly advices the Canadian government on legal and policy issues related to data and AI. As a lawyer who ended up in AI, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to speak with me on topics related to ethical and responsible AI, data privacy, and AI regulation. 

In this first episode of our new Humans and Machines Podcast with Carole titled GDPR and You, we talk about arguably the most important regulation for the security and AI space: the EU’s GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. This is the regulation that inspired other regulations and continues to be very influential today.

 Carole opens her remarks with “Increasingly what we have seen over the last 5-7 years in particular has been the proliferation of data that’s electronic in form that can be modified, used, shared, copied quite easily and that’s in the hands of a whole bunch of different actors whether its government, private sector, not-for-profit sector, or academics. The intention really moving forward with different kinds of data protection laws like the GDPR is to provide some kind of parameter, some kind of control over how that data is used." 

I know what you’re thinking: talking about GDPR for nearly 30-minutes sounds boring! But don’t worry: I promise that Carole and I make it fun and enjoyable. Really! You can check out her GDPR episode, and also browse the rest of the Humans and Machines Podcast episodes. 

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