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Introducing New CyberRes Galaxy Threat Research Platform

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The CyberRes Galaxy Team is excited to announce the general availability of CyberRes Galaxy Community Edition! CyberRes Galaxy is threat research for business performance. It is an immersive cyber threat experience that provides actionable and business-centric threat intelligence for security executives. It helps security analysts, operations and even the extended enterprise move beyond the complexity of “cyber noise” and focus on business resilience.   

CyberRes Galaxy Community Edition is provided to help secure the digital economy. After creating a user profile, you can prioritize information that impacts your business and receive updates to specific threats with the click of a button. You'll have access to the Galaxy website and to key portions of Galaxy’s reports. You’ll gain a comprehensive view of how threats operate, IOCs, key takeaways for the board, CISO, SOC, IT Ops, and internal auditing teams. Most importantly, you’ll harden your cyber resilience with insightful action plans.  

CyberRes Galaxy LinkedIn Live eventTo see Galaxy in action, register for our LinkedIn Live webinar on January 18th, co-hosted with our strategic consulting partners at PWC. 

What Makes Galaxy Different?

Many threat intelligence services give you a list of cyber threats and indicators of compromise, but Galaxy goes beyond by showing you which threats are most impactful to your business, and what can be done to defend your organization. Galaxy’s dashboard visualization tools help you filter down the threat landscape to view what’s most threatening to your organization according to industry, region, and annualized loss expectancy. 

For a short overview of what Galaxy is and why it's different than other threat intelligence services out there, be sure to check out our CyberRes Galaxy YouTube video:

If you want to keep up with the latest announcements and resources, and want to participate in conversations pertaining to Galaxy, visit us at our community page.   

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