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Need a Quick Win for Environmental Goals?

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How is your organization’s progress in meeting its environmental goals? Are they behind? Reaching these goals can be a challenge if these are new initiatives for your fiscal year. Progress can be slow and can lose steam once they are behind. But there are ways to make a big impact on green goals quickly. 

For example, let’s point out what BELBIM did. BELBIM is the electronic money and payment services subsidiary of the city of Istanbul, Turkey. They manage all the transactions of the public transportation system in Istanbul among other types of transactions. BELBIM was looking to not only become compliant with privacy laws but reach environmental goals. 

BELBIM started with a deep dive into its data, both structured and unstructured, to discover what data it had and get a better picture of their situation. Within a matter of days, BELBIM could see where sensitive data was, classified high-risk data, and secured it for data privacy. While this is a great win for data privacy goals, how does this help with environmental goals? 

Once BELBIM understood their data, they discovered thousands of tables and terabytes of data in many databases that wasn’t being used, was redundant, or obsolete. All this data could be deleted to reduce data risk and save on storage costs. How much in costs was cut? Due to deleting this unneeded data, BELBIM was able to shut down over 140 database servers and saved 230 CPU cores, 12 terabytes of memory, and 20 terabytes of disk storage. Not bad for a few days of data discovery, right? 

Cutting storage costs can make a huge difference in meeting Green-IT initiatives. But these savings start with accurate data discovery. The best laid plans are only as good as the information used to create them. Voltage Fusion can accurately discover data, both structured and unstructured, to give managers a clear view into what their organization’s situation is. From there, the insights from data discovery can show quick and easy ways to cut storage costs and make a big impact on 2023 environmental initiatives. 

Voltage by Open Text 

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