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NetIQ Identity Manager: Empowering Kiabi’s International Growth and Security

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Rapid growth and an expansive geographic footprint often create IT challenges similar to those experienced by France’s largest fashion retail brand, Kiabi. With an active, growing user base in over 15 countries, Kiabi’s centrally-managed identity management processes no longer accommodated a company that was growing so quickly. Employees would move roles or countries within Kiabi, and their digital identity couldn’t follow them, meaning that new identities needed to be set up for each move. The result: lost employee productivity and redundant accounts which posed a security threat. To attain the secure and flexible identity management they needed, Kiabi chose NetIQ.

Working with IT service provider OPNS and using OpenText NetIQ Identity Manager, Kiabi provided a consistent identity model to follow employees throughout their lifecycle, eliminate multiple accounts, cut low-value support tickets, and boost security and employee productivity—all while supporting continued international growth. Applied to 200 applications with some 1,000 defined access roles, Identity Manager gives Kiabi’s employees self-service capabilities, resulting in a 65% decrease in the number of low-value support tickets and a direct corresponding cost saving.

Take it from Francois Hubau, Product Manager SIRH, World Services Department, Kiabi, who shared that:

“We manage approximately 200 applications with some 1,000 defined access roles which all needed to be included in the new identity management model. Identity Manager is designed to simplify complex identity environments, and that is just what we needed. Working with OPNS, we were able to translate manual processes into automated workflows to save time and reduce human error.”  

About NetIQ

Zero Trust is part of an overall digital transformation. As organizations move to the cloud and incorporate IoT, they can also make the switch to Zero Trust. Doing so will deliver an enhanced security level to the ecosystem and even cover legacy technologies as they transition.

Our report on Zero Trust shows that 87% of enterprises are on the zero trust journey – having already rolled out zero trust or making plans for implementation.

Identity and Access Management is the place to start to achieve Zero Trust. Our purpose at NetIQ is to help organizations protect sensitive information by automating privilege and access control to ensure appropriate access to applications, data, and resources. In other words, we help our customers achieve Zero Trust.

You can learn more about us at our NetIQ homepage, and be sure to check out our video demos on the NetIQ Unplugged YouTube channel.

NetIQ is now part of OpenText.


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