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Reflections on RSA Conference 2024

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Another RSA Conference (RSAC) has come and gone, leaving us with memories and insights. The conference, as always, was a vibrant kaleidoscope of experiences, encapsulating the rapid evolution of the cybersecurity landscape. Representing the OpenText Enterprise Cybersecurity GTM CTO team at the RSAC was Kevin E. Greene, Victor Tham. I am eager to share some reflections on the myriad aspects of the conference.

This year at RSA, OpenText formally announced cyDNA, an adversarial signals threat intelligence solution designed to provide actionable insights into threat origins and targets – tracking threat actors across an organization's assets and identifying adversaries. From what I saw, the response to cyDNA was overwhelmingly positive, with significant interest from both analysts and potential customers. In fact, cyDNA was recognized as one of the top 10 hot new cybersecurity tools announced at RSAC (see here). The leader of our Threat Intelligence solutions, Paul Reid, and our SecOps sales leaders were busy showcasing the innovative aspects of cyDNA, emphasizing how it can enhance operational security strategies.

 GTM Cybersecurity CT Victor Tham speaking on AI

This year, the OpenText booth was exceptionally engaging, equipped with a theater and several demo stations. Some of the solutions showcased at the booth were included Identity Threat Protection, Get AI Ready, Security Posture Management, Brightcloud Threat Intelligence, Security Analytics, and AppSec Essentials.

Our booth MC, Ron Wise, along with the support staff, excelled at attracting attendees to our theater presentations. Many visitors were keenly interested in understanding how our solutions could meet their specific security requirements. Some of the presentations given at the booth were:

  • Managing application threats for software supply chain security
  • Learning from threat hunting from the trenches
  • Responsive cyber defense with advanced threat visibility
  • Importance of cleansing AI data pipelines
  • AppSec Integrated DevOps
  • Breach mitigation & protection
  • Reducing burden of data privacy compliance
  • How to build a world class threat intelligence network
  • AI-integrated prioritization of AppSec testing results
  • Enabling SBOM visibility
  • Next Generation Web filtering for security, compliance & SASE

  GTM Cybersecurity CT Stan Wisseman speaking on Breach Mitigation & Protection

Discussions around the security of AI itself were particularly provocative. One memorable encounter Victor had involved a booth visitor—an analyst—challenging us on our methods of securing AI technologies. Their conversation highlighted the importance of preparing and cleansing data before its use in AI applications, aligning perfectly with our Voltage messaging. These exchanges underscored the critical need for robust security around AI, a topic that will undoubtedly continue to gain importance.

One standout aspect of the RSAC is the invaluable opportunity to network. Reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones is always a highlight. The discussions range from catching up over past ventures to exploring future collaborations. The long nights filled with robust conversations at various gatherings, like the analyst dinner, are where deeper relationships are forged. These interactions are not only enjoyable but essential for mutual growth and understanding in our distributed digital world.

 GTM Cybersecurity CT Kevin E. Greene and Melissa Oh

As the conference wound down, the intensity of the week was palpable. The final day, though marked by fatigue, was rich with open, genuine conversations. It's during these moments that you truly appreciate what the RSAC is all about: an exchange of ideas and humanizing the process of solving our most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

As I reflect on the insights and knowledge gained from RSAC 2024, I am reminded of the importance of ongoing dialogue and collaboration in tackling the ever-evolving threats to our digital world. Here's to another year of keeping the conversation alive and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together in cybersecurity!


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