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Reimagining Cyber Podcast Hits 50

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This is a very special episode because we’re celebrating a milestone! Excluding the EXTRA! episodes, we’ve released 50 Reimagining Cyber podcast episodes since our start in December of 2020. My co-host Rob Aragao and I cannot believe it’s flown by so quickly. 

We started the podcast to explore the next generation of thinking on where cybersecurity is heading, as well as to talk about some of the key issues threat defenders face. Rob and I try and keep the episodes tight and below 30 minutes. In Journey to 50 we summarize some of the key themes that we’ve covered over the last two years. 

In the Beginning

The podcast had its start during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it seemed appropriate to begin the 50th episode with a clip from someone who was very familiar with the impact of cyber threats to the healthcare sector at the time. The guest for COVID-19, The Cavalry, and Cyber – No one is Coming to Save You was Joshua Corman who had served as a Chief Strategist for CISA regarding COVID, healthcare, and public safety. When addressing cyber resilience, Josh also used a memorable analogy about how you prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

The cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving with threat actors expanding their capabilities to exploit new (and old) vulnerabilities in our defenses. We felt it was important to have some podcast episodes focused on these threats to raise awareness on how to prepare and to respond to them more effectively, including: 

Cybersecurity Leadership Perspectives

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are at the forefront of protecting the organizations they serve from cyber threats. Having been in the seat myself, I know how challenging this can be. We’ve been fortunate to have leaders on the podcast that have helped our listeners better understand how CISOs establish priorities and how their role is evolving, including: 

Favorite Episode?

We’ve had so many wonderful guests on the podcast covering a wide range of topics that it’s very difficult to choose a favorite. We’ve had podcasts on cyber resilience, maturing application security programs, cyber insurance, building the cybersecurity talent pool, managing software supply chain risks, the impact of quantum computing on encryption, cybersecurity in connected vehicles, and more. 

For me, one of my favorites was the episode with my friend Jeremy Epstein (Lead Program Officer at the National Science Foundation). Jeremy and I worked together years ago, but I was amazed by the cybersecurity research examples he highlighted in What does sociotechnical research have to do with cybersecurity

It was a difficult decision for Rob as well, but he decided upon a recent episode with Virginia “Ginger” Wright. Wright is the Energy Cybersecurity Portfolio Manager for Idaho National Laboratory’s Cybercore division within its National and Homeland Security directorate. She’s leading the approach to engineer security and resilience into operational technology (OT) components supporting the energy infrastructure. The OT world is different, and she highlighted some fascinating challenges in Energizing Cybersecurity

What Have We Learned?

One of the lessons we’ve learned over the last two years is that it’s important to have a regular cadence for our podcast episodes. Initially we’d target having an episode drop every two weeks or so, but sometimes that stretched to three or four weeks between episodes. Listeners like predictability. We now drop an episode every Wednesday. 

Listeners also wanted more from Rob and me. The podcast format we’ve selected for our guests doesn’t lend itself to much banter between the two of us. So, we introduced the EXTRA! episodes that are just the two of us talking about various cybersecurity related topics. A fun example is our take on our favorite cybersecurity/hacking movies in EXTRA! And the Oscar for best cybersecurity movie goes to… 

More to Come

We plan on continuing to explore the world of cybersecurity. In addition to our bi-weekly EXTRA! episodes, we’ll have guests to discuss the cybersecurity ramifications of ChatGPT, risk management of modern application portfolios, early warnings of cyber threats, and data risk identification from a privacy lens. 

Again, you can listen to our 50th anniversary episode: Journey to 50

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