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Rethink and Build Data Privacy and Protection

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Data Privacy Week is an international effort to empower individuals and encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. Now more than ever is the time to focus on the need for year-around data protection and privacy.

Data Privacy WeekIn today’s world of digital transformation, enterprises are developing new products, services, and creating competitive advantages. To create these competitive advantages, they are also collecting, processing, analyzing, and storing huge amount of data including personal data.

Data is literally everywhere, from desktop and laptops to servers, from departmental use to enterprise use. The speed that data moves is increasing, and the data is growing without any control. It is redundant, copied in multiple places, non-classified and a lot of it unknown to the central IT department.

What used to be an IT concern is now an urgent issue for everyone including company boards, partners, regulators, and customers. IT departments and IT vendors must rethink to include data privacy and data protection in their process.

In today’s world, data now belongs to the citizen and that citizen:

  • Has the right to ask about it
  • Has the right to demand its deletions
  • Has the right that their data is not exposed

In a nutshell, data privacy laws require that any citizen data be considered as private and sensitive and must be protected. Companies cannot ignore data privacy laws, but most companies do not know where this data is located. There is no inventory of every piece of data and no accurate knowledge about what the data contains, why it was created, and who has access to it. 

What can an enterprise do to protect what matters?

CyberRes - a Micro Focus line of business, offers data discovery and classification with Voltage Data Privacy and Protection solutions. Voltage Structured Data Manager and File Analysis Suite identifies where the data is in both structured and unstructured repositories, and precisely what it contains from a data privacy perspective. Furthermore, a risk score can be assigned to every piece of data to help prioritized protection projects.

Data Discovery Project Dashboard

You Cannot Protect What You Do Not Know

Data Discovery You cannot protect what you do not know. Protect what matters Please attend our informative webinar: Data Discovery: You cannot protect what you do not know. Protect what matters on January 27 (or you can view it on-demand after that date).

Our CyberRes experts will be discussing how IT departments now urgently must rethink and build data privacy and protection into their processes because from now on data belongs to the citizen.

You will:

  • Learn how Voltage data discovery and classification tells you not only where your data is, but also precisely what it contains from a risk and data privacy perspective
  • Discover where private and sensitive data is – in databases, file shares, applications, and other repositories, across multi-cloud hybrid IT
  • See the importance and benefits of assigning a risk score to every piece of data and how that enables you to prioritize protection projects

Support for Data Privacy Week

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