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Safeguard Your Sensitive Data by Using the Brick House Approach

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Like you, I grew up listening to the story of the Three Little Pigs. If you remember, in the story, we had three little pigs that each built a house using different materials.

The first piggy uses straw, so he can build the house as quickly as possible and then go back to play.

The second piggy decides to use a more lasting material, so he spends a bit more time using wood to build his house and soon he too is back to play.

The third piggy decides to create a long-lasting house, so instead of straw or wood, he uses brick. So, he spends quite some time to build his house, while his brothers were playing and enjoying themselves.

Three little pigs

We all know what happened next! The wolf came and easily blew down the first house. Then with a little bit more effort, he blew down the second house. The first two pigs took refuge in the third pig’s house and the wolf could not knock it down, because it was a solid and strong house. 

How Does This Relate to Data Privacy Market?

When I see the data privacy market, I see a parallel with the piggies.

Like the first piggy, some organizations are using native solutions from Hardware, Operating Systems or Applications to protect data.

Like the second piggy, others go a bit further, using Agents, Runtimes, or Gateways to protect data.

The first two approaches are what I call the “straw and wood” approach.

They do provide some level of protection, but when really targeted, the organization’s data will be vulnerable.

The “brick house” approach to Data Security, will take a comprehensive look at data flows, data usage and data access all together. After this analysis, the result will be to embed data protection and access into applications.

Today’s reality demands data to be protected regardless of where it resides and to flow freely and safely through the complex and hybrid environments organizations have. The more organizations think of Data Security as a “brick house” approach, the less concern we will have about data breaches and their impacts on brand and customer trust.

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Credit to Neville DSilva who helped me write this story. 

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